Monday, July 14, 2014

Why hire a property manager?

If you are the owner of a property and would like to put it up for rent, hiring a property management company is the smartest choice you can make. The tenant-landlord world is filled with many stresses and responsibilities that are often time consuming and hard work.

Many questions come to mind when thinking about renting out a property. What are my responsibilities? What are the tenant’s rights? How much should I charge? Are there tax implications? Will the tenant trash it? How should I handle evictions or tenants who will not pay? The list goes on. Our property management company in Los Angeles has the expertise and experience you need in order to make your investment property worthwhile.

Property management companies like ours in Los Angeles, know the market as well as all regulations, rights and responsibilities when it comes to renting out a property and creating a lease to be signed by the tenant. Ontrack Asset is a full property management company in Los Angeles that take care or your ever need including tenant screenings, property maintenance, 24 hour emergencies maintenance, rent collection, evictions, legal issues, marketing, advertising and much more.

The cost of having a vacancy is very high. At Ontrack Asset, we are aggressive in advertising and maintaining tenant occupancy so that your property won’t go a day without being filled with the right people. We will protect your investment. Call or visit us today and learn more.

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