Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need a Property Manager

Hiring a professional property manager can be very beneficial. They have the experience and expertise you need and know how to handle everything in a professional manner.

These are the top 5 reasons why property owners need a property management company to handle their needs:

  1. Tenant screening: Enjoy piece of mind and don’t worry about verifying tenant detailed. Property managers perform background checks, credit checks, and public notice checks. Additionally, a required detailed application with photo I.D is requested for safety and control issues.
  2. Knowledge in landlord/tenant law: property managers have extensive knowledge in property law and regulations. We are up to date in all the new laws, rules or regulations that implicate landlords and tenants. Imagine what you could save given the case of a lawsuit!
  3. Rent collection: property managers collect rent in an efficient and professional way. We have systems and strategies to improve rent collection and increase on-time rent payments.
  4. Maintenance and emergencies: property managers have professional contractors for property maintenance and we make sure they provide high quality work. We also deal with safety inspections annually and also before and after tenancy evaluations to provide reports for improvements or corrections. A property management company takes care of the multiple emergency calls day or night, saving you a big headache.
  5. Marketing experience: property managers have wide experience in marketing. We have online and offline marketing strategies to rent your property in a short period of time to have maximum exposure.

Let us do the dirty work, while you cash the check. Visit Ontrack Property Management today and leave your property in the great hands!